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Dig It! is a platform supporting cultural heritage professionals to navigate the digital landscape - together! In this newsletter we are going to curate experiences, campaigns, tools, and conversations about digital taking place across platforms.

Just as every GLAM institution is different, their takes on digital transformation differ - and we want to discuss the paths others took when figuring out their ways of reaching out to their audiences, opening up their collections, and simply transforming their organizations by digital means. Once a month, we are going to embark with you on a journey through the field of digital cultural heritage - join us in this conversation and share your comments and opinions with #GLAMsDigIt!

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Who We Are

We are Larissa and Medhavi and we want to engage in conversations together about digital trends shaping GLAM institutions.

Hi! I am Larissa Borck

a digital heritage professional based in Europe

With a background in cultural anthropology and political science, I am always trying to take a holistic perspective on digital transformation in GLAM institutions. How do digital and analog practices blend in cultural heritage institutions? How can you actually prioritize your audience in the media, channels, and formats you create, on-site and online? How can you use your digitized collections in a way that is relevant to users? And how do open licenses power your institution’s mission? And why is working together and learning from each other crucial in this field? These are some of the questions I work with on a regular basis. If you’re curious about what I’m doing, have a look at my Twitter or LinkedIn profile. Looking forward to starting a conversation with you!

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Hello! I am Medhavi Gandhi

… and I am a combination of Charlie Brown’s eternal optimism and Alice’s curiosity & wonder.

On to the part that interests most people:

I’m on a lifelong mission of making cultural heritage accessible & engaging for everyone. I hold an MBA degree, & decided to use my education and experience in the cultural sector. Always looking forward to working with good people and brave institutions. Some of the other hats I wear:

  • Editor & Museum Ninja at The Heritage Lab

  • Co-Lead, Art+Feminism

  • Board Member & Lead for the digital working group of the Commonwealth Association of Museums [CAM]

  • Advisory Board Member, Europeana Foundation

  • I occasionally consult museums on digital strategy and content; at my best when I am conducting creative inquiry classes in school where I merge history learning and museum engagement.

  • On the Embrace Digital website, find resources related to digital capacity-building!

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Exploring Art, Museums & Heritage in a digital world. Mostly museum-hopping & talking Open Access, Digital Strategy + Content. Tweeting at @MedhaviGandhi


Opening up cultural heritage institutions by digital means. Get in touch on Twitter: @Larissa_Borck